Work Packages

Work package 1 – Management of the work
Work package 2 – External communication and dissemination and interaction with pertinent initiatives and institutions
Work package 3 – Develop methods to assess effectiveness, economic, ethical, socio-cultural, and legal issues
Work package 4 – Develop methods to identify moderators of effects and preferences related to individual patients
Work package 5 РDevelop methods to include context, setting, and implementation in the assessment of complex technologies
Work package 6 – Develop a method for integrating the different issues

Work package 7 – Case Study: A patient-centered, comprehensive, and integrated HTA on specialist palliative care

Work package 7 (WP7) will test the feasibility and usefulness of the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) methods developed in WP3, 4, 5 & 6 to a case study of palliative care. WP7 will lead the establishment of stakeholder advisory panels in seven European countries (Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia and the United Kingdom). These expert and patient stakeholder panels will help to ensure that the case study focuses on the right questions and the most important HTA priorities, therefore ensuring that the HTA is useful to patients, families and carers as well as clinical staff and policy decision makers.

Lead partner: University of Sheffield

Work package 8 – Applicability and relevance of the products for broader application