Contact person: Wija Oortwijn
City/Country: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
E-mail address:
Website: Ecorys

Ecorys provides research and consultancy services in the fields of economic, social and spatial development. It is our mission to deliver meaningful contributions to social topics. We focus on complex market, policy and management issues and work for clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Ecorys has an in-house staff of app. 450 highly skilled and committed professionals working from 19 offices in 15 countries and working closely together with various representatives and a worldwide network of professionals. Our remarkable history dates back to 1929 when the Netherlands Economic Institute (NEI; one of the predecessors of Ecorys) was established in Rotterdam. Throughout our history we have brought forth many remarkable people, one of which being Nobel Prize winner (1969) Professor Jan Tinbergen.

Our expertise covers health care and public health; economy and competition; regions, cities and real estate; energy, environment and water;  transport, mobility and infrastructure; social policy; governance and education. Our services include research and policy advice; institutional and capacity development; project and programme management, interim management and secondment; evaluation, monitoring and auditing; financial advice and training.

We value corporate social responsibility, our independence, our integrity and partnerships. Our experts are committed professionals with extensive experience in the academic and consultancy world, who share their knowledge and best practices with each other and with international partners.

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